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Nuclear Medicine Week

The first FDA approved Radiopharmaceutical in 1951 was I-131. Since then, other nuclear medicine imaging agents have steadily been developed and approved. It has been the development of Nuclear Medicine computers for imaging and processing...

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Happy Radiologic Technology Week

As Radiologic Technology Week approaches, it makes me think of my Radiology Team that consist of MRI, CT, PET and NM Technologists. I am so proud to have such a phenomenal team that works together to make sure that our patients get the...

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The Year 2021 in Review

This has to be the year of waiting for the next news cycle and searching for the key words that indicate ANYTHING is improving. Regardless of your opinion about “the virus” and whether it is real or not, to take the vaccine or not; the...

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T&M in Action

Numed was recently contacted to perform T&M service for Quench recovery of a GE SIII magnet. After arriving on site, we determined that during the quench of the customer’s magnet the system experienced a catastrophic failure internal...

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2022's Installs

As the year winds down to an end, we wanted to take time to specifically highlight our Service Engineers and showcase the installs you may or may not have seen on our social media accounts. Of course we can’t highlight them all, but here...

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