Nuclear Medicine Week

By David Moates, B.S., CNMT, RT-N, Regional Manager

The first FDA approved Radiopharmaceutical in 1951 was I-131. Since then, other nuclear medicine imaging agents have steadily been developed and approved. It has been the development of Nuclear Medicine computers for imaging and processing that has been the springboard for that modality to really take off. Increasingly larger computer storage capacity and faster processing has been a critical factor for Nuclear Medicine imaging growth and success.

Supported by the SNMMI, Nuclear Medicine Week is celebrated the week of October 3-9, and allows physicians, technologists, scientists, and others involved in nuclear medicine and molecular imaging to take a proactive role in the advancement of the field. From advances in cancer diagnosis and treatment to recent breakthroughs in Alzheimer's and dementia research, nuclear medicine is improving lives.

Along with the technological advancement of nuclear medicine, Numed – whose inception in 1975 began with mobile nuclear medicine equipment and technologists – has also developed. While we may have begun as the premium provider for contract nuclear medicine equipment and services, Numed has expanded to include modalities such as MRI, PET/CT, CT, and ultrasound, as well as becoming a premium provider for service and maintenance for all OEMs of imaging equipment.

For more information on Nuclear Medicine Week, you can visit the SNMMI’s website here. If you want to know how Numed can help bring diagnostic imaging or maintenance to your Facility, get in touch with us here or give us a call at 800.966.8633.