Happy Radiologic Technology Week

By Kelly Durden, Director of Operations, Atlanta

As Radiologic Technology Week approaches, it makes me think of my Radiology Team that consist of MRI, CT, PET and NM Technologists. I am so proud to have such a phenomenal team that works together to make sure that our patients get the best care possible. My team works with the physicians, supervisors and patients, and works across modalities and at other centers to cover when needed or just to help out their coworkers.

I know that my Georgia team is not an exception and that all Numed’s Technologist work hard to make sure that our company is held at a higher standard than the companies or hospitals we work with. I am very proud to be a part of such a wonderful company that allows me to work with knowledgeable and compassionate technologists. I feel that Numed has been lucky and has on-boarded some wonderful MRI, CT and NM technologists.

I want to let all Numed technologists know that you are truly appreciated, and your dedication to your job and the kindness you show to your patients is just part of what makes you GREAT. Numed would not be the company we are today without YOU. I know that you are not told enough, and Leadership will NEVER be able to express enough, our sincere appreciation for the job you do. The technologists are the heart and soul of our company, and you are the face of our company and your professionalism and skill keeps us in hospitals and clinics.

Together, we make an exceptional team and I think it is important during this celebrated week to let all of you know that leadership is aware that you are the ESSENTIAL part of this company. That’s why I think that the Radiology Technology Week slogan is perfect for our team……We are truly Essential Together.