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What services does Numed offer if your facility needs a Diagnostic Imaging upgrade?

One thing you may not know about Numed, is that we offer customized medical imaging solutions to our customers that can include options like updating diagnostic imaging equipment or adding in new services. Reasons for upgrading diagnostic...

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Numed’s Premium Service and What it Means

When speaking about Numed, it’s essential to touch on our Premium Full Service option, what it entails and how it makes us stand apart from our competitors. There are a number of service equipment organizations and a handful of staffing...

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How Numed’s Equipment Rentals Benefit Big and Small Facilities

Numed offers a variety of equipment programs, all aiming to benefit businesses of all sizes. We offer MRI, CT, PET/CT and Nuclear Medicine equipment options that are available as stationary mobile units or installed in your facility with a...

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The crucial role technologists play in customer service

The field of diagnostic imaging requires a variety of disciplines to work together to achieve success for clients, and their patients. The role of the technologist at a company like Numed is particularly crucial because technologists must...

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Changes In Diagnostic Imaging, And How To Adapt

Diagnostic imaging is continuing to evolve. Every year, new advancements are made in areas such as safety protocols, diagnostic modalities and technology. All modalities have evolved in recent years, but PET has changed the most. PET...

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