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Date Results: 2020

Why ACR accreditation is important for what we do

How do you know the diagnostic imaging organization you work with is truly at the highest standard? There are several ways. One is the ACR (American College of Radiology), and the ACR accreditation process. At Numed, everything revolves...

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The Craziest Thing: A Freezing Deinstallation

As told by Chuck Bird: Back in the '90s, a service engineer from Numed’s engineering department and I rented a Ryder truck to pick up a Numed GE Nuclear Systems. We started in Denton and our destination was downtown Detroit...

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The crucial role technologists play in customer service

The field of diagnostic imaging requires a variety of disciplines to work together to achieve success for clients, and their patients. The role of the technologist at a company like Numed is particularly crucial because technologists must...

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Changes In Diagnostic Imaging, And How To Adapt

Diagnostic imaging is continuing to evolve. Every year, new advancements are made in areas such as safety protocols, diagnostic modalities and technology. All modalities have evolved in recent years, but PET has changed the most. PET...

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How A Radiology Assistant Is Crucial To the Diagnostic Imaging Workflow

For diagnostic imaging to work most effectively, many different groups, covering many different modalities, need to work together seamlessly. The role of a registered radiology assistant (RRA) is a crucial job in the entire workflow. At...

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