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Examine the latest industry news and insights from the Numed experts.

Date Results: 2021

NSC: March Madness MRI Edition

Did you know that Numed can install your equipment into mobile trailers? We can assist you in everything from simple trailer cosmetic updates to full blown trailer refurbishment and system installs. Our latest project is a trailer...

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Talking Imaging Episode 2- Numed Service Center

This month, we have released our second episode of our Talking Imaging podcast. Hear from one of Numed’s very own, Jeremy, our service operations manager, as he takes a deeper dive on our Numed Service Center. Our Numed Service...

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Our Service Center is YOUR service center: one system centered around you

Numed has officially released our Service Center video. In this video, we discuss all aspects of our Service Center and how it helps us better serve our facilities and their patients. The service center is currently 26,000 sq. ft and is...

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Working with Hospitals During Covid-19: Changes and Challenges

As we enter a new year, COVID-19 protocols are still in place and constantly changing. My department oversees several states, so the “one size fits all” approach isn’t applicable to the different hospitals and facilities we work...

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NSC: What’s Happening at the Numed Service Center

For those of you that do not know, the Numed Service Center, or NSC, is ground zero for all things service related. Located down the road from our corporate office in Denton, Texas, the NSC houses our Mobile Imaging Lease Fleet, Parts...

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