Numed provides fully equipped imaging departments, equipment leasing and service, customized for what you need to deliver quality patient care.

Helping You See the Big Picture

For 45+ years, we’ve helped medical facilities of all sizes produce the highest quality diagnostic images to support patient care while overcoming industry challenges to operate efficiently. Through our multimodality imaging services, trained technologists, total department management and on-demand equipment maintenance, we’ll help you achieve your goals.


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Get a fully equipped on-site department and end-to-end service within your medical facility.

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Stay competitive with the newest technology and seize opportunities without a long-term investment as your facility grows or faces budget or space constraints.

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Keep your department running smoothly with on-demand engineering support and services, so you can focus on providing exceptional patient care.

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Numed is not just another service we’re contracting, but truly a partnership to help us grow our organization. We’ve seen our volumes grow extensively since we began working with Numed. Our MRI services have nearly doubled and we’ve seen a big improvement in not only the number of ultrasounds we’re performing, but the quality as well. Their level of patient care is the highest quality and the techs are well trained.

– Michael Kozar, CEO, Northwest Florida Community Hospital –

Numed is driven to make sure they take care of the customer—I know they’ve taken care of us. Quality of service has been better than when the OEM was actually servicing the equipment, from the standpoint of response time. With Numed, if we have a problem, I get an answer back within minutes. A lot of times, they can do work remotely and/or give directions to our technologists who make corrective actions to get it up and running. If it’s a large issue, they dispatch somebody over here to rectify it. They’re more proactive than reactive.

– Steve Hamilton, Director of Cardiovascular Imaging, Fisher Cardiology –