2022's Installs

By Numed, Inc

As the year winds down to an end, we wanted to take time to specifically highlight our Service Engineers and showcase the installs you may or may not have seen on our social media accounts. Of course we can’t highlight them all, but here is a small insight into what our team does for our customers and what they can do for you!

Our Service Engineers go the extra mile to ensure that your patient care never misses a beat. We do that by coordinating all installations with the goal of minimizing disruptions to the facility’s routine and flow. Whether it’s at install or during the lease or rental, our service department stays involved.

Just a few days into the year, we started strong with an MRI delivery at a location in Alabama. The Facility location received 2-4 inches of snow the day before delivery! A little cold doesn’t bother our service engineers- read about an experience here!


Notably one of our biggest install projects happened in April. This T&M call quickly turned into an in-house install. You can read the full blog post dedicated to it here or watch a video of the project!


In May- another MRI delivery! We try our hardest to make sure every unit we deliver is wrapped, but keeping our mobile units booked means not every trailer has the downtime for that to happen. Keeping your Facility up and running takes priority!


Of course, not every install is cinematic. Smooth and easy installs are the majority of what we do! In July we completed a PET/CT install for a customer in North Carolina.


September brought us another fair-weather install; this time a CT trailer in Georgia. What began as a short-term lease has been extended over the months. We know that things come up: equipment purchase delays, maintenance issues, or budgetary changes. We pride ourselves in being able to be flexible in our partnerships and being able to offer contract extensions when we can!


Even in tight locations, our team can get the job done (check out a swap we did here at a different location with tight quarters to work with)! What makes this install different is how this coach lines up with the Facility’s dock and airbag system!


Rounding out the last couple of months this year, we have an MRI set up for 6 months at a location in Ohio.


From ice to fair weather, room to move or not, our Install Team gets it done. From options ranging from weeks to years and everything in between, let Numed provide you with a solution that benefit’s your Facility’s ability to provide the best patient care possible.