The on-site imaging department you want with the options you need.

Get a fully equipped on-site department and end-to-end service within your medical facility.

Why Premium Service?

We’re laser focused on the ins and outs of your department—from equipment, maintenance and regulatory compliance to staffing, management and marketing—so you can spend more time providing exceptional patient care.


Improve Patient Care

Achieve optimal patient outcomes with advanced diagnostic imaging solutions, while improving patient dynamics, scheduling and throughput.


Increase Revenue

Reduce capital expenditures and eliminate the burden of investing in costly imaging equipment.


Stay Competitive

Develop a strategic, competitive and proactive approach to hardware and software upgrades.

Mritunnel Mripatient

Customized to Thrive

Your facility is just as unique as the community it serves. Numed’s solutions are never one size fits all. We’ll partner with you to develop a Premium Service program tailored to your current needs—with room to grow to meet your long-term objectives.


Numed manages the administrative functions of your entire radiology department. Through strict adherence to policies, protocols and best practices, we provide quality assurance and assist with departmental licensing and regulatory compliance. Billing is customized to your facility’s data management specifications.

Numed is not just another service we’re contracting, but truly a partnership to help us grow our organization. We’ve seen our volumes grow extensively since we began working with Numed. Our MRI services have nearly doubled and we’ve seen a big improvement in not only the number of ultrasounds we’re performing, but the quality as well. Their level of patient care is the highest quality and the techs are well trained.

– Michael Kozar, CEO, Northwest Florida Community Hospital –

Numed is driven to make sure they take care of the customer—I know they’ve taken care of us. Quality of service has been better than when the OEM was actually servicing the equipment, from the standpoint of response time. With Numed, if we have a problem, I get an answer back within minutes. A lot of times, they can do work remotely and/or give directions to our technologists who make corrective actions to get it up and running. If it’s a large issue, they dispatch somebody over here to rectify it. They’re more proactive than reactive.

– Steve Hamilton, Director of Cardiovascular Imaging, Fisher Cardiology –