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Examine the latest industry news and insights from the Numed experts.

The Key Ingredient To Long-Lasting Client Partnerships

In the healthcare industry, companies come and go. Billion-dollar businesses have become dominant forces, while small businesses often struggle to achieve longevity in the space. As we enter 2020, Numed will celebrate our 45th year...

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Growth, Expansion and Uncompromised Service: Numed’s 2019 In Review

What does a company that has been serving its customers for more than four decades do to continue evolving? Quite a lot. In 2019, Numed’s service division continued to improve, to hone our craft, to be the best in diagnostic imaging...

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The Benefits of Stationary Diagnostic Imaging Rather Than Building In-House Capabilities

Let’s say you run a hospital in a rural town. You want to provide excellent services for your community, making quality patient care available in the neighborhood, without having to travel to a large facility far away. Or perhaps...

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Why Stationary Imaging Services Provides Greater Value Than Mobile Service

Over our last 45 years in the imaging service industry, we’ve constantly refined and redefined the way we work in our field. While both stationary and mobile imaging services provide advanced and necessary equipment for hospitals and...

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How to keep your diagnostic imaging costs down

For a medical facility, no matter the size, keeping your costs down is important for several reasons – and can help you better serve your patients. Your patients are facing rising costs in all aspects of their medical experience...

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