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Examine the latest industry news and insights from the Numed experts.

How Numed’s Equipment Rentals Benefit Big and Small Facilities

Numed offers a variety of equipment programs, all aiming to benefit businesses of all sizes. We offer MRI, CT, PET/CT and Nuclear Medicine equipment options that are available as stationary mobile units or installed in your facility with a...

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The Craziest Thing: A Radioactive Service Request Incident

As told by Rick Toothman: Recently I received a nuclear medicine service request on a system. The complaint reported by the biomed engineer on the ticket was that one of the heads was going up and down. Confused, I called the technologist...

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The Craziest Thing: Helium Gas Killing a Cell Phone

As told by JR Sanchez: In 2019, I performed my first MRI Shimming. I was 12 hours away from home when my phone died unexpectedly. I knew something was off since my phone had been on the charger. When we were done, I could not get my phone...

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Talking Imaging Episode 1 - Artificial Intelligence in Diagnostic Imaging

Numed has officially launched the Talking Imaging podcast with the first episode focused on AI and diagnostic imaging within the healthcare field. Artificial intelligence is becoming a huge factor in the healthcare system. It’s...

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Maintaining your diagnostic equipment has never been easier – and we can help

Having diagnostic imaging equipment functioning at its most optimal is essential to making a quick and accurate diagnosis, as well as keeping hospital costs down. The best outcome in diagnostic imaging requires the patient receiving a...

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