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​ Numed at RSNA 2021

We have some exciting news! Numed will officially be participating at RSNA 2021, the 107th Scientific Assembly and Annual Meeting taking place in Chicago at the end of November where new ideas are technologies are discussed. This...

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Happy Radiologic Technology Week

As Radiologic Technology Week approaches, it makes me think of my Radiology Team that consist of MRI, CT, PET and NM Technologists. I am so proud to have such a phenomenal team that works together to make sure that our patients get the...

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Nuclear Medicine Week

The first FDA approved Radiopharmaceutical in 1951 was I-131. Since then, other nuclear medicine imaging agents have steadily been developed and approved. It has been the development of Nuclear Medicine computers for imaging and processing...

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What services does Numed offer if your facility needs a Diagnostic Imaging upgrade?

One thing you may not know about Numed, is that we offer customized medical imaging solutions to our customers that can include options like updating diagnostic imaging equipment or adding in new services. Reasons for upgrading diagnostic...

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Numed’s Approach to Technologist Training

Technologist training is often grudgingly seen as an expensive but necessary cost. The truth is training is more than just training your technologist to operate the machine: it facilitates an orderly move from one type of equipment and/or...

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