Equipment Solutions for Healthcare Facilities: Choosing Between Premium Full Service and Equipment Leasing


At Numed, we understand the challenges faced by healthcare facilities when it comes to providing the best imaging services to your community. That’s why we have two different customizable solutions to present: Premium Full Service and Equipment Leasing.

When it comes to choosing either Numed’s Premium Full Service, our turnkey option, or an Equipment Lease, it’s a balance between necessity and budget. Both options are appropriate when a Facility’s capital budget can't handle a big upfront expense.

Here's When Each Solution May Be More Suitable:

Premium Full Service can fit in if your Facility lacks technical expertise or resources. Our turnkey solution takes the staffing, compliance, and maintenance burden off of your facility and includes other benefits you can read about here, making it perfect for Facilities who want to establish an MRI, PET/CT, CT, or Nuclear Medicine program or want to offload the hassle of staff and maintenance—we take it on, so you don’t have to.

Long-term leases offer your Facility the ability to add or upgrade equipment and keep the current technologist, whom your Facility and community know. This makes an Equipment Lease perfect for an established department to fill in the gaps with an additional modality, upgrade technology to avoid obsolescence, or increase flexibility with growth and budget constraints.

What makes our solutions stand out? We're flexible and open to adjustments mid-term, like software upgrades, changes to equipment siting, or increasing term length, which gives our customers more peace of mind and adaptability.

What You Don't Have to Sacrifice:

One thing that isn’t sacrificed between the decision of Long-Term Lease or Premium Full Service is the maintenance offering. Numed’s best-in-class maintenance means all equipment receives regular preventative maintenance and prompt service to ensure uninterrupted operations and reduced downtime.

No matter what you choose, we're here to work with your Facility every step of the way. Interested in more information? Download our full product comparison sheet here!