Numed’s Premium Full Service: A Turn-Key Solution That Has Adapted Over Time

By Sara Selby; Contributions By: Carol Waddell, David Elkins, Karen Overton, Kelly Durden

When Numed was founded in 1975, our Technologists transported Nuclear Medicine cameras from site to site and our Premium Full Service offering was launched. Numed’s Premium Full Service offering manages the entire modality within your Facility. The foundation for Premium Full Service remains the same, but a lot has changed in almost 50 years. While we no longer offer true mobile solutions, today our turnkey imaging department provides a stationary system for Nuclear Medicine, and either stationary or parked mobile options for PET/CT, CT, and MRI modalities. In addition to the equipment, Numed provides the technologist to operate the equipment, equipment maintenance to keep you up-and-running, marketing efforts to educate your physicians and community members, and the management of the modality from Numed’s Operations Management Team.

Our Premium Full Service offering began with small to medium-sized facilities that looked to increase the services they offered their community without having to make expensive capital purchases. Since then, we have expanded into larger organizations as a quick, cost-effective option for adding additional capacity, modalities or service locations. While both scenarios still stand tried and true, we understand new needs have developed for a turnkey department solution.

Adapting within our Facilities is not something unknown to us, either. In fact, growing and changing with our partners needs is how we have maintained long term relationships over the decades. Numed makes every effort to become a part of the department and Facility we are partnering with. We quickly adjust to Facility policies by staying current with education, technology, and keeping our equipment service up to date. We work closely with Facility’s leadership and physicians to increase referrals, bring in new procedures, and update equipment, all in the name of improving image quality.

One thing that has remained the same is what our partners enjoy most about partnering with Numed for their turnkey solution: Numed makes the process as easy and seamless as possible. From staffing, training, and educating staff, to purchasing and servicing the equipment, and our knowledge and expertise with Radioactive Materials License processes or adding new services, we take it on, so you don’t have to.

Numed recognizes that Facility needs can change over time, and that’s why we create solutions tailored to meet specific business objectives, flexing and changing as your needs do. Creating a turnkey imaging department is never a one size fits all approach and we have 50 years of experience doing it. Interested in more information? Check out this animated video or contact us here.