What services does Numed offer if your facility needs a Diagnostic Imaging upgrade?

By Jack Allen, Executive Vice President/Chief Administrative Officer

One thing you may not know about Numed, is that we offer customized medical imaging solutions to our customers that can include options like updating diagnostic imaging equipment or adding in new services. Reasons for upgrading diagnostic imaging generally fall into three basic areas: technology, patient care and business management.

Technology is always advancing, especially in medical technology and diagnostic imaging. Such advancements have provided healthcare providers and physicians better tools allowing them to improve their imaging, diagnosis and treatment of patients. Upgraded technology can provide improved equipment performance and image quality, diagnostic accuracy, increased confidence and a number of efficiencies.

Ultimately, patients are the greatest benefactors when diagnostic imaging equipment is upgraded. Improvements in image quality and accuracy directly affect diagnosis and treatment. In turn, improvements in diagnosis and treatment directly affect patient outcomes in a very positive way. The speed and efficiency in which upgraded equipment operates often requires less patient time. This can be a real issue when imaging necessitates that the patient be in an awkward and, sometimes, uncomfortable position.

And finally, business management. Many facilities are in highly competitive communities where a failure to stay on top of advances in imaging technology could be perceived as an inclination to mediocrity at the expense of patient care. Upgrading allows the facility to stay relevant within the community and among competing facilities. Upgrading imaging systems can produce cost effective efficiencies in diagnostic accuracy, patient throughput and reduced maintenance cost.

With our Premium Full-Service plan, the customer receives imaging equipment, technologist(s) and engineering services. The service is very customizable and Numed offers upgrade options specific to Premium-Full Service, such as imaging suite remodeling, buildouts, modular and mobile installations. A solution is developed specific to the customer’s needs and requirements; but, more importantly, with the customer’s input throughout the entire process.

When the decision to upgrade equipment or add services is made, the customer and facility receive our 46-year commitment to providing quality patient care and a dedication to exceptional customer service. Whether we upgrade an imaging system or install an entirely new department, we view the relationship with our customers as a long-term and evolving partnership. Our team follows up regularly and responds immediately to any issues. This is one of the biggest differentiators between us and our competitors. Our customer relationships are more than just transactional and have been that way for the 46 years we’ve been in business.

Since Numed began, our growth has been centered around constantly improving relationships with existing customers and building relationships with new customers. Our services have continued to expand, and we have grown in the areas of multi-modality diagnostic imaging services, diagnostic imaging equipment leases and rentals, engineering services and support as well as parts availability and sales. This has, in turn, improved the entire service portfolio we provide to our customers. We are continuing to improve and move forward every day, which includes improving our information systems, accounting systems, quality control and delivery systems.

If you’re looking to request a customized imaging department for your facility, it’s simple! Start with a phone call to our corporate office or a Regional Sales Manager. If you don’t have time for a call, send us an email via our website. All we need is contact information and we will get back to you.

Here at Numed, we are all about developing customized solutions specific to our customers’ needs. Whether these needs require a Premium Full-Service solution, an in-house or fixed mobile Equipment Lease, or Engineering Services/Equipment Maintenance, we can provide an option that works successfully for everyone.