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The Four Secrets to Success in the Business of Diagnostic Imaging

Diagnostic imaging is about more than having the right equipment. To create the image read by a radiologist, it takes a well-crafted system, refined through the collective experience of each team member. With our network of expert...

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How to keep your diagnostic imaging costs down

For a medical facility, no matter the size, keeping your costs down is important for several reasons – and can help you better serve your patients. Your patients are facing rising costs in all aspects of their medical experience...

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The Benefits of Stationary Diagnostic Imaging Rather Than Building In-House Capabilities

Let’s say you run a hospital in a rural town. You want to provide excellent services for your community, making quality patient care available in the neighborhood, without having to travel to a large facility far away. Or perhaps...

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Nuclear Medicine: What You Need To Know

There are many different modalities of diagnostic imaging – from MRI to CT. But there’s one area we often get asked about that sounds different and distinct from the other modalities – and one we specialize in. Nuclear medicine is a...

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Medical Device Security in an Increasingly Connected World

One area of diagnostic imaging that has emerged in recent years and very few have the technical expertise with is cybersecurity. Security threats in the medical community are growing in frequency and severity. And as technology becomes...

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