The Four Secrets to Success in the Business of Diagnostic Imaging


Diagnostic imaging is about more than having the right equipment. To create the image read by a radiologist, it takes a well-crafted system, refined through the collective experience of each team member. With our network of expert employees working with high-quality diagnostic imaging equipment, we better serve our clients, who can then better serve their patients.

Looking back over the past nearly 45 years, what lessons have we learned that we can attribute to our success? We’ve identified four main factors. Here’s what you need:

People: It all starts with people. In this field, it matters who you know. Since our founding in 1975, we have grown from a single-modality, one-state operation to multiple modalities operating in multiple states. But growth didn’t come at the cost of personal connection. Instead, it came with a widened rolodex of people we can call on and count on.

Our team across the country is highly connected and in constant contact, sharing their vast knowledge base with each other and the clients we serve. This system lets our staff, technologists and engineers become better informed and more agile, which is crucial in creating the best diagnostic image for each customer.

Trust: Another important part of this growing group is our relationship with vendors. We’ve worked with a lot of vendors over the years and have met many people on whom we can really rely. Being able to call up someone we trust in a tough or urgent situation has been invaluable, and we put in the time to maintain each of those relationships. Plus, it comes in handy when negotiating the highest-quality products at the most reasonable prices.

Service: One of the most important secrets to success is service. Though we’ve always been keyed in to our customers and their needs, we recently earned the ISO 9001 2015 certification. For those unfamiliar, the designation means we have proven ourselves to uphold the highest standards in our field.

After eighteen months of planning and rigorous changes, we have worked to ensure our services are all geared towards our customers. And these efforts haven’t gone unnoticed. Since our renewed focus on service, customers find us more reliable and have reported higher levels of satisfaction.

One aspect of service, though, has remained constant: once we start working together, we consider ourselves to be on the same team. With this approach, we share the same goals as our clients, keeping all our efforts aligned. Whether it’s working with our connections across the imaging community to find the best prices or simply talking through our past successes and failures, it’s all in an effort to provide the best service possible to our team.

Adaptability: To be truly successful, for decades, in the business of diagnostic imaging requires never being set in your ways. At the highest level, we offer a full-service, turnkey department, from nuclear medicine to PET/CT, CT and MRI scans – with equipment, staff and everything in between. But we can also pare our offerings down and customize it to fit every individual need. And for those satisfied with their existing machines and personnel, we also service equipment clients already have in place. Being able to adapt to the needs of our customers is one of the main reasons we have been in business over 45 years.

For almost 20 of those years, we didn’t offer stand-alone service for equipment at all. Now it’s the fastest-growing sector of our business. Without learning to shift with the market and our customers, especially working in healthcare, we would never have survived and thrived. We’ve learned that while our experience is crucial, forward thinking is critical too.

And we’re ready to talk about how what we’ve learned can help your business too. Interested in teaming up? Get in touch with us here.