The Benefits of Stationary Diagnostic Imaging Rather Than Building In-House Capabilities


Let’s say you run a hospital in a rural town. You want to provide excellent services for your community, making quality patient care available in the neighborhood, without having to travel to a large facility far away.

Or perhaps you run a larger facility, and you are challenged by increasing healthcare costs, particularly when it comes to specialized technologists that handle an ever-increasing number of diagnostic imaging capabilities. One solution when it comes to diagnostic imaging is working with an external company.

At Numed, we’ve been serving our clients for more than four decades – and we tailor our diagnostic imaging services to their needs. There can sometimes be a misconception about what a company like ours does – particularly if a facility has only experienced “mobile support” rather than “stationary support” in their diagnostic imaging.

Our ability to provide technologists to operate and support the imaging equipment eliminates a facility’s concern around staffing and budget. We also provide engineering staff to maintain and service the diagnostic imaging equipment and the trailers in which they are installed. Any service call is a priority and Numed’s engineering services department is committed to resolving service issues quickly and accurately.

A stationary system has been extremely beneficial to our customers. It helps control the cost of acquiring imaging equipment and the technologists necessary to operate the systems. Plus, with a permanent solution, we are able to build a more collaborative partnership, better addressing both immediate needs and future plans.

Numed can help alleviate concerns over cost, by not requiring you to have in-house technologists. Our staff of highly trained technologists are all certified in their areas of specialization and maintain their continuing education units (CEU) annually. They meet or exceed the necessary qualifications and can become part of your staff without requiring you to pay for an in-house team.

At the highest level, we offer a full-service, turnkey department, from Nuclear Medicine to PET/CT, CT and MRI – with equipment, staff and everything in between. But we can also pare our offerings down and customize it to fit every individual need.

Because of the long-term relationships that come from working with our clients, working together often requires C-Suite buy-in, and an enormous level of trust but the benefits are numerous, and our success over the past 45 years speaks for itself. Numed has never viewed its relationships with its customers as short term or transactional. Our long-standing success is built on collaborative partnerships with our clients established on a foundation of reliable service, trust and the development of viable solutions to unique problems and needs.