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Date Results: 2020

Talking Imaging Episode 1 - Artificial Intelligence in Diagnostic Imaging

Numed has officially launched the Talking Imaging podcast with the first episode focused on AI and diagnostic imaging within the healthcare field. Artificial intelligence is becoming a huge factor in the healthcare system. It’s...

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Maintaining your diagnostic equipment has never been easier – and we can help

Having diagnostic imaging equipment functioning at its most optimal is essential to making a quick and accurate diagnosis, as well as keeping hospital costs down. The best outcome in diagnostic imaging requires the patient receiving a...

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The Numed Family: Two Employees With 40+ Years At Numed Reflect On Their Experience

In a time now where young employees often hop between companies and roles, longevity at a single company is a rarity. But Numed bucks that trend – many of our employees have been with our company for decades. And that’s because of the...

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The Craziest Thing: A 22,000 Pound Magnet

As told by Brock Jones: In the beginning of my career at Numed, I was an engineer. Part of my job included installations and de-installations all across Texas. On this day in particular, I was de-installing a .2T GE Profile MRI. The MRI...

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Why ACR accreditation is important for what we do

How do you know the diagnostic imaging organization you work with is truly at the highest standard? There are several ways. One is the ACR (American College of Radiology), and the ACR accreditation process. At Numed, everything revolves...

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