How Numed’s Equipment Rentals Benefit Big and Small Facilities

By Jack Allen, Executive Vice President/Chief Administrative Officer

Numed offers a variety of equipment programs, all aiming to benefit businesses of all sizes. We offer MRI, CT, PET/CT and Nuclear Medicine equipment options that are available as stationary mobile units or installed in your facility with a range of available options from interim or short-term rentals, to multi-year, long-term contracts.

Regardless of term or facility size, each customer is considered a top priority and treated as such throughout the entire process and beyond. Here at Numed we work to be as creative as possible to provide viable options for each facility’s unique situation.

The Numed approach has always been based on collaboration. We work with our partners to arrive at an equipment solution that best suits their needs as well as all those who will be affected by the decisions (e.g. patients, physicians, technologists, etc.) Our “Cooperative Team” approach brings individuals from multiple departments and disciplines together to ensure all options are considered, guaranteeing the success of each proposed solution.

Mobile units can be a less expensive option than installing permanent units allowing the cost of our equipment to be substantially lower than that of our competition, which plays into how our equipment rental programs offer several advantages. They give facilities the ability to conserve cash, offer strategic flexibility, include maintenance, easy upgrades, protection from obsolescence, and the potential to avoid costly renovations. These advantages benefit facilities of all sizes, big or small.

Numed’s ability to provide technologists, maintenance and management differentiates us from other companies. The Numed service department coordinates all installations, with the goal of minimizing disruptions to the facility’s routine and patient flow. Other ways we support minimal disruption is by including service for the entire term to keep equipment up and running and providing applications training for the technologist on new equipment, if needed.

After being with Numed for over 22 years, I can say with confidence that we are unmatched when it comes to the quality of services we provide and the dedication and professionalism of the people within this organization. Here at Numed, we are focused on our customers and their success regardless of the size of the business.

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