Premium Full Service

By Numed, Inc

In our latest video, Numed is putting the spotlight on our Premium Full Service. This is the total imaging equipment and management package, where we supply everything from staffing and technology to maintenance and marketing.

With our new animated video, we show facilities how easy it can be to offer a complete imaging service from a single modality to an entire department. Premium Full Service allows our partners to focus on patient care and optimal outcomes while improving patient dynamics– all without getting bogged down in things like regulatory compliance or staffing management.

Premium Full Service has also shown to help our partner facilities increase their revenue by reducing capital expenditures and eliminating the overhead of costly imaging equipment.

We realize that all facilities, and the communities they serve, are different. That is why we partner with facilities like yours to develop a Premium Full Service program tailored to their current needs – while also leaving room to grow long-term.

If you are interested in learning more about Numed and Premium Full Service, click here to watch our new animated video. Or click here to start a conversation about how this unique program can benefit your facility.