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Quality Assurance: Part 2

Kaizen: The Secret Behind Numed's 48-Year Legacy of Diagnostic Imaging Excellence At Numed, we've been providing top-quality diagnostic imaging services and equipment for 48 years, and we owe a lot of our success to one simple...

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Quality Assurance: Part 1

At Numed, we understand the importance of delivering the highest standard of service for medical device maintenance and repair. That's why we have implemented a Quality Management System (QMS) to ensure that we are constantly improving our...

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2022's Installs

As the year winds down to an end, we wanted to take time to specifically highlight our Service Engineers and showcase the installs you may or may not have seen on our social media accounts. Of course we can’t highlight them all, but here...

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Premium Full Service

In our latest video, Numed is putting the spotlight on our Premium Full Service. This is the total imaging equipment and management package, where we supply everything from staffing and technology to maintenance and marketing. With...

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AHRA 2022

Another year, another conference for us! Numed will be exhibiting at AHRA 2022, taking place July 10-13 in Phoenix, AZ, at booth number 425. The AHRA is a professional organization that encompasses management at all levels at...

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