Numed’s Premium Service and What it Means

By John Pickett, Senior Vice President of Operations

When speaking about Numed, it’s essential to touch on our Premium Full Service option, what it entails and how it makes us stand apart from our competitors. There are a number of service equipment organizations and a handful of staffing companies, but few combine the two to create a one-stop-shop.

Numed’s Premium Full Service is a turnkey solution providing equipment, maintenance, qualified technologist and management of the entire modality. Maintenance includes scheduled PM’s of the system and on-demand service and parts for the unexpected.

One popular feature of Premium Full Service is our ability to provide replacement personnel in instances of illness or vacation. This ensures there is always a trained staff member to fill in if someone calls in sick or is out on leave.

As an added bonus to our customers, all members of the Operations Management Team have a technical background. We have worked with patients, scheduling, and service engineers, and we understand the pressures surrounding obtaining the images and getting the exams completed.

As Numed has continued to grow, our ability to offer custom solutions and create quicker response times has improved. Economies of scale reduces our costs, which will benefit our clients.

After 41 years with Numed, I have seen the company grow and continue to better our policies and our ability to provide customized solutions for our clients. But the one thing that makes Numed so special is our people. I said it when I started here, and I’ll say it again, 41 years later: our people are our greatest assets and set us apart from the rest. No matter how big we get, it’s always about the people.

If you’re wondering how a facility or a client goes about using our Premium Service, it’s easy! After a client contacts us, we develop a customized plan to meet the needs of their individual facility or a large organization.