Talking Imaging Episode 2- Numed Service Center

By Jeremy Byrom, Service Operations Mananger

This month, we have released our second episode of our Talking Imaging podcast. Hear from one of Numed’s very own, Jeremy, our service operations manager, as he takes a deeper dive on our Numed Service Center.

Our Numed Service Center has become an integral part of serving our clients since its opening in 2019. It offers everything from equipment maintenance and systems staging to part sales and management. The facility’s goal is to continuously improve our customer service and satisfaction with our clients.

Everything comes through our service center, whether we’re dispatching technicians or sending equipment to facilities. Everything we need is right here!

Click the link below to listen and learn more about the purpose of our service center and how it helps us provide high-quality maintenance and quick service, and keeps our prices competitive.

We have a long history of dedication to our clients and we don’t plan on changing that anytime soon.