NSC: March Madness MRI Edition

By Brock Jones, Modality Manager MRI, CT, PET

Did you know that Numed can install your equipment into mobile trailers? We can assist you in everything from simple trailer cosmetic updates to full blown trailer refurbishment and system installs.

Our latest project is a trailer update with an installation of a GE 1.5T 16-channel 23x Excite HDxt MRI. The customer’s trailer interior received new floors, wall coverings, drop ceiling, lighting, and fresh paint. The exterior has a shiny new coat of paint, new generator, as well as updated chiller and HVAC. It has a lot of curb appeal thanks to the Numed Fleet Services Team.


Housed inside of the mobile, a team of Numed Service Engineers installed the GE 1.5T 16-channel 23x Excite HDxt MRI. They took the time to really do things right. Keeping the install tight and tidy, while also making sure to keep things easy to access for service. These engineers always amaze me with their talent and dedication. We are blessed to have them.


You can always reach out to Numed Service by calling the Service Desk at 1-844-200-0752 or emailing at servicedesk@numedinc.com. If you would like to learn more about Numed and all of Numed’s offerings, please visit our website at here. There you can learn more about how Numed can assist you with Premium Service, Mobile Equipment Leasing, and Equipment Maintenance.