The Numed Family: Two Employees With 40+ Years At Numed Reflect On Their Experience

By Numed

In a time now where young employees often hop between companies and roles, longevity at a single company is a rarity. But Numed bucks that trend – many of our employees have been with our company for decades. And that’s because of the Numed family experience.

Two employees that best exemplify that mentality are Kitz Parker and John Pickett, the longest-serving Numed employees. Numed has been around for 45 years – Kitz has been with Numed for 42 years and John for 41 years. They joined Numed in the 1970s as entry-level technologists, and have worked their way up through the diagnostic imaging chain to senior administration. When they joined Numed, we were a company of just a handful of employees. Now we have hundreds of employees throughout the United States.

“Getting on board as early as I did allowed me an opportunity to participate in shaping the organization,” said John. “The family atmosphere created by our founder now continues by his son, and is one where we have been allowed to participate in and help direct the company.”

The family atmosphere extends to each and every employee. “We try to instill in our technologists that these patients have names, have feelings, have mothers and fathers and children,” said Kitz. “That’s a big plus for Numed, and for our clients.”

When Numed started, it was a nuclear medicine company only, and as the company has grown and changed due to the demand of our clients, we’ve added ultrasound, CT, MR, PET-CT and also a massive service arm.

And while the company has grown, the clients haven’t necessarily changed. The Numed family extends to these clients, who have been with Numed for decades too. Two hospital accounts John started working with 40 years ago, in Gatesville, TX and Clifton, TX, are still clients today.

The Numed family is what has kept Kitz and John with Numed for so long – and it’s what has kept our company thriving for 45 years. We’re so proud to have employees like Kitz and John – and the Numed family is just getting started.