Quality Assurance: Part 2

By Jennifer Vickers, Service Quality Engineer

Kaizen: The Secret Behind Numed's 48-Year Legacy of Diagnostic Imaging Excellence

At Numed, we've been providing top-quality diagnostic imaging services and equipment for 48 years, and we owe a lot of our success to one simple concept: Kaizen. This Japanese term means continuous improvement, and it's something we take very seriously here at Numed.

But what does that mean in practice? For us, it means partnering with our customers to ensure that our Kaizen efforts align with what's best for them and their patients. We don't just make changes for the sake of change; we make them with a specific goal in mind: providing the best possible outcomes for patients.

Our mission statement is: Empower our partners to provide quality patient care through multimodality diagnostic imaging excellence, dedicated service and operational efficiency. We take this mission seriously and strive to live up to it every day.

So how do we use Kaizen to achieve this goal? Here are some examples:

  • We constantly review and refine our production processes to ensure that our equipment is of the highest quality. By doing so, we can provide our customers with the latest and greatest technology, while also keeping costs low.

  • We work closely with our customers to understand their needs and pain points. By doing so, we can tailor our services and equipment offerings to meet their specific requirements.

  • We encourage our employees to think creatively and produce new and innovative solutions to problems. This fosters a culture of continuous improvement and keeps us on the cutting edge of industry.

  • We never stop learning. We stay up-to-date with the latest advances in diagnostic imaging technology and techniques, and we incorporate that knowledge into our services.

At Numed, we're proud of our 48-year legacy of diagnostic imaging excellence. We know that our success is due in large part to our commitment to Kaizen and to partnering with our customers to provide the best possible outcomes for patients. We will continue to live up to our mission statement and strive for excellence in everything we do.