Why Stationary Imaging Services Provides Greater Value Than Mobile Service


Over our last 45 years in the imaging service industry, we’ve constantly refined and redefined the way we work in our field. While both stationary and mobile imaging services provide advanced and necessary equipment for hospitals and their patients, over the years we’ve come to see greater benefits from stationary services for our customers and their bottom lines.

With mobile services, diagnostic imaging equipment is installed and transported in a coach or trailer to hospitals and other facilities. That equipment is usually on an established schedule and is frequently moved from place to place. It may stay put for a day or a week or maybe only a couple of hours. It’s a good option when there are budgetary constraints, low patient volume or simply not enough space.

Stationary, or fixed site, imaging services are very similar except, as the name suggests, they remain in place for prolonged periods of time. Systems may be used for a short time like in an interim arrangement where an existing machine is down due to an upgrade or replacement. Or they might remain for multiple years, becoming an established part of a more comprehensive imaging department.

Even though at Numed we offer some imaging systems in trailers, we have never seen ourselves as a mobile imaging company. When we use trailers, they’re parked on site and treated as just another room in the facility, rather than something subject to regularly move.

Part of the reason we set ourselves up this way is because each time a system is transported, there’s always potential for a service problem. Establishing the system on site reduces the chance of a failure related to transportation. And even more ideally, most facilities would install their imaging system within the walls of their building if given the space to do so.

But whether it be budget issues, space availability or volume, installing a system within an existing building space is not always an option for our customers. When that’s the case, a fixed or stationary solution is a great alternative until an in-house solution is available. Beyond just risk reduction, a stationary system has been extremely beneficial to our customers. It helps control the cost of acquiring imaging equipment and the technologists necessary to operate the systems. Plus, with a more permanent solution, we are able to build a more collaborative partnership, better addressing both immediate needs and future plans.

As with everything we do, all of our imaging solutions are highly customizable and designed to the specific needs of our customers. We control all aspects of the services we provide, ensuring our customers receive the exact experience they are looking for.

From equipment acquisition to installation, equipment engineering services, highly trained and certified technologists, to marketing support, our customers deal directly with us. They know, as their specific needs shift and evolve, we will be there to adapt and collaborate with them too.

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