Why ACR accreditation is important for what we do

By Karen Overton, Assistant Director of Operations - Atlanta

How do you know the diagnostic imaging organization you work with is truly at the highest standard? There are several ways. One is the ACR (American College of Radiology), and the ACR accreditation process. At Numed, everything revolves around giving the patient the best care. As an Assistant Director for all modalities, I play a role with image quality, procedures, training technologists, radiologist support when determining studies for ACR review and work with our clients to ensure their ACR accreditation is achieved enabling them to best serve their patients.

What does it mean to be “ACR accredited”? A facility that is ACR accredited assures its patients that the facility provides the highest level of image quality, equipment safety, medical personnel and quality assurance. ACR accreditation is a mark of distinction for prospective patients seeking an imaging facility.

ACR accreditation is the gold standard for medical imaging. Accreditation benefits both patients and industry professionals but before a facility can be accredited, physicians and technologists must be certified within their chosen fields.

The accreditation process involves both technical evaluation and peer review. To begin, the imaging facility submits an application to the ACR. Once the application is reviewed and fees are paid, the facility has 45 days to submit all test materials. These test materials must include specific technical factors and specific exams. There is also a list of requirements for reporting on an exam and labeling of an image that must be followed. ACR’s review process typically takes 90 days, at which time accreditation is either granted or denied. If denied, there is an appeal process. ACR accreditation must be renewed every three years or each time new machinery is brought in or modified.

Each imaging modality has its own accreditation process - resources for these modalities can be found online here. Once becoming ACR accredited, the ACR reserves the right to an unannounced site visit sometime during the three-year accreditation period. These visits are conducted by the ACR to ensure standards are continuing to be maintained.

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