Maximizing Value With Diagnostic Imaging

By David Elkins, Regional Manager

In medical imaging, determining value is not always a straight line. It feels as though every day new machinery and medical advancements are announced, and it can be difficult determining what will have lasting value and what is just a fad or gimmick.

It takes experience to navigate the return on investment, in both the short and long term. Understanding the direction the industry is going and pairing that with your short- and long-term goals can be challenging. It helps to have a partner that understands the full scope of the industry.

After 45 years in the field, we’ve identified a few areas where clients can save on cost without skimping on quality or service. Here are some simple ways to bring more value to your practice.

Don’t be oversold

Medical imaging professionals are like anyone else. We want the newest and most state-of-the art equipment and emotion can play a part. But the most advanced equipment may not be necessary.

Prior to making a purchasing decision, clients should consider the types of exams they are performing, referral patterns, their customer base and areas for growth. Often something as simple as a software upgrade may be all that is needed to address immediate issues while saving capital for future purchases.

A capital equipment plan can help with this process. Such a plan can identify areas of strength and areas of weakness where equipment may need replacing. Furthermore, it gives the customer the power to determine end of life as opposed to the OEM.

Own not owning it

As a general rule, leasing equipment is more economical than buying something outright. It usually means lower payments with service included. Service plans shouldn’t be undervalued as they extend the life of the equipment and prevent unexpected downtime, and corresponding costs. And should you need an upgrade, leasing provides flexibility that ownership does not.

Partnership is key

As costs rise and the industry gets increasingly complicated, it’s nice when some things remain simple and certain. After 45 years, we’ve seen trends come and go, and learned to adapt accordingly. Through it all, we’ve learned first and foremost, people are our most important asset. And the partnerships that come with them are not to be undervalued.

With more than 140 health care professionals in our employment and partnerships with clients and customers across the United States, our highly connected team operates like one unit – with a very wide reach. We’ve worked with all the OEMs and a many third party vendors and have the flexibility and freedom to only work with those we highly recommend. As both a service provider and operator, we are uniquely positioned to work with you to find the best fit for your organization.

We’re ready to talk about how we can maximize value in your business too. Interested in teaming up? Get in touch with us here.