Compliance Is At The Center Of Everything We Do For Our Clients

By Carol Waddell, CNMT, Regional Manager

Compliance in diagnostic imaging covers a wide variety of regulatory agencies, accreditation entities, and reimbursement organizations. State health agencies, federal agencies, the American College of Radiology, the Joint Commission, and others all have their own requirements we must operate under in order to be compliant.

As professional providers of diagnostic imaging operating across the country, we must be organized and proactive in order to provide more than what’s expected as well as the highest quality tests possible for our patients.

To keep on top of it all requires a cohesive, meticulous system.

Our equipment has daily, monthly, semi-annual and annual testing to make sure it’s operating at peak performance. Every component of our department is checked and monitored for compliance and our records are inspected by state or federal agencies regularly.

This makes it crucial that our technologists are continuously trained and stay in contact with each other. Beyond sending our technologists to annual training and providing time to help them keep up with regular continuing education requirements, we like our team to be well connected with each other.

If one of us encounters an issue or new compliance requirement in one state, it is a huge advantage that we have co-workers across the country who have likely dealt with it. Having a network and variety of expertise to draw from helps us all be better at our jobs. The work relationships made throughout the years help us prepare for changes and updates before they are even required.

38 years into my career with Numed, I’ve learned to be prepared. For any new mandatory regulations. For last minute equipment servicing. For what needs to be done to keep my patients and clients safe.

Safety and compliance are key to my job as regional manager and being prepared for what comes is what all of us here have been trained to do best.

Every aspect of our work is regulated, inspected and closely watched. From our technologists to our equipment to the records we keep, all of it is heavily scrutinized, and non-compliance can result in disciplinary action or fines.

It’s why we pride ourselves on our skills and knowledge to stay in compliance, no matter the imaging modality we are providing, or which state we are providing it in.

Simply put, compliance is about patients’ safety. These rigorous systems are enacted to deliver the best service we can for our clients and the best testing to their patients, every day. We work so they don’t have to think twice about giving us their trust.

At Numed, with 45 years in the field, it’s why we do what we do.

Find out more about who we are and the services we provide here, and if you would like to learn more, contact us here.