The Role of a Health Physicist in Diagnostic Imaging

By Emily Hardsouk, Health Physicist

To run a successful diagnostic imaging company, you need to rely heavily on the collaboration and dedication of a variety of staff members. A health physicist is one part of that ecosystem. As a health physicist, my main responsibility is protecting our people, both patients and fellow team members.

So, what exactly does a health physicist do? To put it simply, it’s my job to monitor radiation, from X-rays to nuclear medicine. Every day, I’m keeping people and their surrounding environments from potential radiation hazards, while also informing patients of the beneficial uses of radiation.

My role extends to conducting radiation surveys, calibrating survey meters, supervising procedures and equipment, and ultimately making sure that no one gets exposed to more radiation than they should be.

How does it all come together in the medical imaging world? Check out how my team gets it done:

Why We Do What We Do

Radiation in general can make people feel uneasy. But being able to detect diagnoses such as cancers in patients and take action earlier can be life changing. My technologist background helps me make our patients more comfortable and less unsure of the unfamiliar technology. That’s why I’m here – to impact someone’s life for the better.

Our Expert Staff

At Numed, I work alongside medical technologists, service engineers and radiation workers. I am aided every day by experts who commit their time and expose themselves to radioactive conditions to help save the lives of our patients. Though there’s some risk involved with all radiation, we take every precaution when handling our equipment, caring for our patients and performing our medical routines.

Safety Over Everything

To establish the safety of our patients and each other, at Numed we like to say, “Time, Distance and Shielding.” Meaning, let’s reduce our time around radiation, keep a safe distance away from radiation devices and machines, and when needed, stay behind a shielded wall or glass.

After full radiation treatments, we thoroughly monitor our workspace to ensure that there are absolutely no radiation leaks or contaminated equipment left behind. Our team wears radiation badges to surveil exposure to radiation, always limiting the amount we are exposed to in accordance with federal and state regulations.

At Numed, we consistently schedule time to work on the equipment and instruments in an effort to prevent any potential mishaps. The safety of our patients always comes first, while delivering the best possible service we can to our clients.

Find out more about who we are and the services we provide here, and if you would like to learn more, contact us here.