Growth, Expansion and Uncompromised Service: Numed’s 2019 In Review

By Chuck Bird, Vice President of Engineering

What does a company that has been serving its customers for more than four decades do to continue evolving? Quite a lot.

In 2019, Numed’s service division continued to improve, to hone our craft, to be the best in diagnostic imaging for our clients.

One of the first big changes for Numed in 2019 was our ISO certification, which we received in March 2019. An ISO 9001 2015 certification is crucial for our business, and shows our commitment to quality. The ISO 9001 2015 was required to become a leader in the medical imaging service industry, as we are exacting in every aspect of service. We made it our priority to earn the 2015 certification and, once achieved, didn’t stop there. We continue to pursue higher standards, paving the way for other medical imaging companies and setting an example in our field.

Speaking of service and high standards, one new element we’re proud of is the Numed Service Desk, which we launched this year. This allows our clients to call into a single point of entry. We’re all about making the client experience as seamless as possible, because we know how crucial customer satisfaction is for our clients to their patients.

Meanwhile Numed has been growing – physically. As 2018 wound down we opened a new Denton Service Center and have been expanding it during 2019. The giant facility allows us to have everything under the same roof, and to set up and stage entire CT and MRI systems.

We’re expanding professionally too – we have been adding new technologists and engineers throughout the country. And our goal in the coming years is to have an engineer located in every state. We’ve increased the modalities we can service – including CT, PET, Nuclear, MRI and X-Ray.

We know the value of stationary imaging support, and we are well-equipped to provide that for our clients. But we also are expanding our fixed-mobile fleet , which has doubled over the past three years. They are stored in our own facility, so the speed and quality are uncompromised.

In 2019, we’ve continued our integrated process, bringing engineers, physicists and technologists together, in order to best serve our clients. We’ve remained adaptable and nimble, but have continued the solidified trust we’ve built over decades with our clients.

And we’re just getting started. There is more planned to continue evolving and serving our clients at the highest level – in 2020, and beyond.