Managed Technology Services: A Solution for Rural Hospitals

By Jack Allen, Senior Vice President of Sales and Marketing

Medical imaging technology evolves quickly, making it difficult for rural hospitals to keep up with investing in the latest equipment. As the use of medical imaging continues its dramatic growth, hospital executives must oftentimes make a purchasing decision to invest large amounts of capital into equipment, simply to learn soon afterwards that a newer and more sophisticated model is available or will be available soon. At that point, it can be difficult or impossible to justify a new purchase to upgrade. Leasing hospital equipment becomes a much more affordable solution, allowing hospitals to utilize high-quality equipment without the cost or commitment. Despite the ever-changing diagnostic imaging landscape, service providers have the ability to adapt its products and service offerings to the advancing industry and make quality affordable. By implementing the equipment leasing business-model, providers, especially those in rural communities and with limited budgets, enjoy the highest quality products equipped with the latest technology–without having to make a lasting and expensive purchase decision.

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