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How A Radiology Assistant Is Crucial To the Diagnostic Imaging Workflow

By Blaine Norton, MIS, RRA, RT(R), CNMT, NMAA, RSO, Health Physicist, Regional Assistant Manager

For diagnostic imaging to work most effectively, many different groups, covering many different modalities, need to work together seamlessly.

The role of a registered radiology assistant (RRA) is a crucial job in the entire workflow. At its core, the RRA’s role is to help provide high-quality care to patients in a timely manner. Depending on their locations, RRAs perform different functions, but the end goal is to be an extension of the radiologist, allowing him or her to focus on image interpretation.

RRAs allow radiologists to have the uninterrupted time they need to make accurate diagnoses, as imaging has become more advanced, allotting for more time needed to analyze the results. RRAs also act as a liaison between the technologist and radiologist. Because RRAs have often had experience as technologists themselves, they can offer technologists beneficial suggestions. Finally, RRAs assist with procedures requiring a higher level of training than offered by a radiologic technologist, without the delay of waiting on the radiologist to complete their current tasks. This positively impacts efficiency and patient satisfaction both.

RRAs are important not just to the radiologist, but also the patient. Our mission is to provide high-quality radiology services to our clients – a mission facilitated by the interdependency of the members of the Numed community, and by becoming invested in the community and facility itself. Numed employees have always become a natural part of the communities they serve, and RRAs are no different.

Numed employees are active at facilities all over the country, but still working together as a team. Numed employees provide a vast network of people from many different locations and experiences. In addition to strong community and experienced personnel, Numed boasts low turnover of employees, which lends itself to the stability of the company.

During my 23 years at Numed, I have had the same boss, who has been supportive all throughout my career, who, along with upper management that have also been the same my whole tenure, have been incredibly supportive of my development professionally.

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