Changes In Diagnostic Imaging, And How To Adapt

By Kelly Durden, Atlanta Operations Manager

Diagnostic imaging is continuing to evolve. Every year, new advancements are made in areas such as safety protocols, diagnostic modalities and technology.

All modalities have evolved in recent years, but PET has changed the most. PET is commonly used to detect metastatic cancers, but the use of new isotopes has allowed for the detection and diagnosis of Alzheimer’s, prostate cancer and cardiac function. Each different isotope allows for the detection of different conditions.

There’s a lot of education that goes along with new studies, in the field of PET and others. Our experience at Numed allows us to stay ahead of the curve.

Another major change to diagnostic imaging is artificial intelligence (AI). AI will allow for better positioning, which in turn will reduce radiation exposure to patients. AI can use landmarks to set up exams and make changes automatically to adjust to each patient’s body structure. To read more about AI and diagnostic imaging, click here.

AI will not change staffing for the diagnostic imaging field; however, it will require training for the staff to use new equipment with new safety precautions.

As new technologies are introduced in the diagnostic imaging profession, it’s crucial companies like Numed have a deep network of colleagues to share information. With experts across the country, we’re able to educate technologists quickly on the latest quality control measures.

Our system goes back decades and allows us to improve our efficiencies to near-perfect levels. As in many fields, safety has always been of primary importance to diagnostic imaging. Numed has created protocols that not only give us better images, but also exposes the patient to less radiation.

Because we invest in our employees, Numed can rapidly adapt to new technology. Any reprogramming needed to update our protocols can be made in two days. Numed leadership and managers can attend specialized meetings demonstrating new technologies and equipment, while Numed employees can visit facilities for hands-on demonstrations of new technologies.

Although there have been many changes since I began my career, Numed’s goal has always been the same: to give exceptional service to our customers.

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